All I want for Christmas is Bats and Fire


This is a wonderfully odd little item at Horrorfestive. It is an animated decoration, that has little bats that fly around, mist, floaty balls and fiery circles.

There are a bunch of colours to collect, and you can find them in a gacha at the Alchemist booth.

Sleigh to Horrorfestive 2014.

Repost – This is the end, My Friend

SL One at a Time - LadyLight Koolhoven - See Me -1

SL One at a Time - LadyLight Koolhoven - See Me - 2

SL One at a Time - LadyLight Koolhoven - See Me - 3
Sorry guys, I got a bit artsy and took big pics, which don’t fit the blog, so now they are itty bitty. Just click to make big.

Today is the last day of Horrorfestive, you only have 4 hours to get on down and find some goodies. Hopefully everything will be in stores after the event. Just be patient with the designers.

Shape – Poudre

Skin – Poudre

Hands – Slink

Nail Appliers – La Boheme

Hair – Adoness

Eyes – Avatar Bizarre – New @ Horrorfestive 2014

Dress – Purplemoon

Crown & Hand Flowers – Devae – New @ Horrorfestive 2014

Jewelry Set – Chaos, Panic and Disorder – New @ Horrorfestive 2014

TP to Horrorfestive while you still can!

2 DJs tonight @ Horrorfestive

DJ: Khaos Republic
TIME: 6pm-8pm

DJ: Tracer Graves
TIME: 8pm-10pm

PLACE:  Horrorfestive Event Site
GENRE: Darker Stuff and Trance
Sorta Host : Munchflower Zaius of Nomine

Come hang out and show us your festive moves! We all know you have been naughty, might as well shake your thang while you are at it!

Come dance @ Horrorfestive 2014

DJ Sredni Eel @ Horrorfestive

DJ Snap 1

DJ: Sredni Eel
GENRE: Goth(maybe other dark stuff)
PLACE:  Horrorfestive Event Site
TIME:    6pm-8pm(or later)
Sorta Host : Munchflower Zaius of Nomine

Come down to Horrorfestive and dance the night away with some of the naughty elves. I’m not really sure if there will be naughty elves, but heres to hoping!

Come dance @ Horrorfestive 2014

Official Bloggers Roundup – Dec. 15th

We have a small dedicated group of bloggers for the even, who have been busy styling up the various event items.

Here is a quick look at what they all have been up to:

Gather Near To Us Once MoreGuen Gothly and DanteAmore Rossini of Macabre Beauty

I may win on the roundaboutJoanna Sweetwater of The Inelegant Ineloquent

- My Shattered Christmas Self -Nina2012nina Resident of Nina’s Magical World

d8dc1938d3293839b30756a1bfb681ffRudhmellowen Luguna of Rudh’s Random Ranblings

Setting the tree 2Vanda Maertens of Eloen’s Other World

HorrorFestive 2014xxBlushxx Resident of Blush Berri


So that is our Official Blogger Roundup so far.

May your holidays be Twisted and Dark.

Run Grandma! RUN!


Horrorfestive 2014 - Post 6 - 3 Quarter Length
I was running around the grid in this little number for a good 2 days, while dealing with non horrofestive related things. Not my normal look, but it made me giggle non the less, so it was worth it.

Horrorfestive 2014 - Post 6


Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum
Skin – PixyStix – Hera Skin in Snow Bear colouration – 50% Charity Item @ Horrorfestive 2014
Eyes – Devae – Wild Hunt Eyes in Moon – New @ Horrorfestive 2014
Hands – Slink
Nail Appliers – Glazed
Outfit, Tail, Ears – ImmateriA – Rude Reindeer Set – 100% Charity Item @ Horrorfestive 2014
Horns – Squeek – Festive Antlers in Bloody Bone – 100% Charity Item @ Horrorfestive 2014

Sleigh to Horrorfestive 2014

Poisoned Coniferous

Horrorfestive 2014 - Post 5

For those of you who are maybe not so fond of the traditional decor that is available for the holiday season, Eclectic Muse had you in their thoughts. They have created two trees, catering to the alternative/goth/punk.

This is the 100% charity version, and the other is red in colour.

Grab it here at Horrorfestive 2014!

Nomine Limited Edition Silent Auction

For an EXTREMELY LIMITED TIME at Horrorfestive!

Munchflower is putting out exactly ONE of each of the two runs of Tarot Avatars and ONE of each of the Horsemen avatars. They are up in the gazebo (lm at the bottom of this blurb) and the bids start at 5k. The bidboards will notify you if you are outbid, and will deliver the item at the end of the auction.

This auction runs for 24 hours, ending tomorrow ( wednesday the 16th ) exactly at noon.

This also gives you a chance to help Munch out, as she is switching from a hardy and very unpleasant diet of heavy narcotics as painkillers to much more natural alternative. She direly need money to help get her green card and purchase some uh…green.

So hurry! Run, jump, fly or otherwise get yourself down to Horrorfestive to check out all of the amazing things that are waiting for you, and grab a chance to get one of these incredibly limited editions.

Each avatar comes with a HUGE amount of items, an entire outfit, skins, makeup layers, shapes, attachments, alphas, shoes, contacts and more.

You can bid on them HERE!

Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Limited Edition Avatars

AD DEATH MALE horseman
AD death horseman
AD pestilence full
AD famine full
AD war full
Tarot – Limited Edition Avatars



Lil Porcelain Drummer Girl

Horrorfestive 2014 - Post 4

Beneath the porcelain was once a living girl. You can still see fragments of her humanity, where the porcelain has aged and cracked away.  She is run by a windup key, with any passerby twisting her up, to drum away, often until her hands start to bleed out of her cracks.

She is a broken thing now, no longer human. A tormented living statue.

Her only companions are the little wooden reindeer, who leap out of the forest, whenever they hear her drumming. They try to make her laugh, as they prance around and dance. In the beginning, she would smile a little. As the years went by, and no one came to free her, just came to wind her up, bleed her out, she kept a stoic gaze.

Who would do such a thing you ask?

Well, that is a question you really shouldn’t ask . . .

Horrorfestive 2014 - Post 4 - Closeup


Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum
Skin – Lumae
Eyes – Chop Shop – Wyntr Eyes in Red – RARE Gacha Item @ Horrorfestive 2014
Hands – Slink
Nail Appliers – La Boheme
Body Tattoo – Ama – “Alive Inside” Full body Tattoo – New @ Horrorfestive 2014
Dress – Chop Shop – Redrum Santa Dress – 100% Charity Item @ Horrorfestive 2014
Drum Set – Enchant3D – Blood Drum set – 100% Charity Item @ Horrorfestive 2014

Sleigh to Horrorfestive 2014