The Guild of Gloom are a collective of designers from the dark side of Second Life, who bring you events which benefit various charities and causes.

Horrorfest – Usually in the last two weeks of October, this event is the place to be to find all of your halloween goodies, whilst benefiting that years good cause. Accompanying Horrorfest is the graveyard gacha, and The Grande Olde Horrorfest Halloween Hunt


Horrorfestive – Are you dreaming of a bad Christmas?

Imagine a winter wonderland……..but a winter wonderland where things have gone very very wrong……..

A realm where the children don’t get presents in their stockings…they get unpleasants, where Santa is dead and Krampus is the best you can hope for, where your turkey is toxic and the pure white snow is tinted red and where snowmen have come alive and have candy cane sword sticks.

Welcome to HORRORFESTIVE – Held Mid-December


Zombiefest – Our summertime offering. Zombiefest is all about the undead. Zombie proms, revenant revelery, TWD has nothing on us


Keep your eye on this blog for upcoming dates!!


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